优惠 - 旅馆 Palembang Aryaduta, 巨港

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Palembang Aryaduta

优惠 - 旅馆 en 巨港, 印度尼西亚

  • Be Deals

    Be Deals

    Plan your stay in Palembang at Aryaduta Palembang

    计价起始日期: IDR600,000 含税
  • January Staycation

    January Staycation

    Plan your staycation only at Aryaduta Palembang

    计价起始日期: IDR700,000 含税
  • SUMO - Sunday Monday

    SUMO - Sunday Monday

    Extend your stay on Sunday and Monday with us Start from IDR 600,000,- nett

    计价起始日期: IDR600,000 含税