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  • Live & Grill

    Live & Grill

    Enjoy your weekend with the most complete buffet in town, serve more than 50 dishes. Savor a wide variety of delicious dining options such as Salad Bar, Noodle and Pasta House, Steak, Mongolian, Roast Chicken, Kebab, Grilled Seafood, Rice Corner, Snack Bar, Dessert Bar and any kind of traditional ice.

    计价起始日期: IDR 185,000 含税
  • Konro Bakar Aryaduta

    Konro Bakar Aryaduta

    Roast beef ribs with peanut souce, broccolis, carrots served with steam rice.

    计价起始日期: IDR 75,000 含税
  • Exotic Fruity Juice

    Exotic Fruity Juice

    Combination slice fruit of kiwi, orange, dragon fruit, pouring with sprite and passion fruit juice.

    计价起始日期: IDR 49,000 含税
  • Ikan Bakar Saus Parape

    Ikan Bakar Saus Parape

    Grilled snapper with parape sauce serve with steam rice.

    计价起始日期: IDR 65,000 含税
  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

    A fresh lychee juice mix with blue ocean topping with soda water and whipped cream.

    计价起始日期: IDR 49,000 含税