Food promotions - 旅馆 Bandung Aryaduta, 萬隆

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Bandung Aryaduta

Food promotions - 旅馆 en 萬隆, 印度尼西亚

  • Juice of the day

    Juice of the day

    Getting the day started off right with a healthy fresh juice. Our juices are fresh just as you order them!

    计价起始日期: IDR 36,300 含税
  • Dim Sum Buffet

    Dim Sum Buffet

    It's just too hard to resist! Buffet spread out of freshly steamed or cooked Dim Sum will whet your appetite only at Cha Yuen Chinese Restaurant. Available every Sunday.

    计价起始日期: IDR 128,000 含税
  • 40% discount for all cake & bread

    40% discount for all cake & bread

    Get 40 % disc for all cake & bread at 7PM everyday.